Driftstatus / Operational status

21st september 2021:

No known issues: All systems running normal. Awareness: Network degraded!

  • Network operation is degraded

    Several sources cause this degradation and IT is identifying and mitigating them one by one. The following building have been tested and verified to be working better: 

    Current standing issues:

    • Network issues at Kirkegaten 17 – WIFI keeps dropping – IT is waiting for UPS units to eliminate issues caused by power outages.
    • Wireless Issues at K24 and P7 – Identifying the WIFI dark spots in the building as reported by students.

  • Network issues in details
    DomainIssues Status
    NetworkUnstable network at K17Investigating the root cause of the problem.Ordered new UPS units.Suggestion to employees to use mobile data for the time being if the WIFI is not working. Data packs will be adjusted / sponsored by HK.
    NetworkWifi darkspots at K24 & P7Mapping the wifi dark spots.Will provision 5G for students where ever wifi is not accessible.  
    NetworkBandwidth bottleneckInvestigating the bottlenecks and resolving it on case by case basisWork on a long term plan to redesign the entire network for better network performance.